How to Change the Coil on a 1996 Ford Windstar

by Tim Petruccio

    The 1996 Ford Windstar was produced with two trim packages; Cargo and Passenger Wagon. It had one of two engines -- a 3.0-liter or a 3.8-liter V-6. Both engines utilized a single ignition coil or coil pack to produce the spark to the engine. The ignition coil for the 3.0-liter is on the driver side of the engine, while the ignition coil for the 3.8-liter is on the passenger side of the engine. The replacement procedure is the same for both engines.

    Items you will need

    • Roll of masking tape
    • Marker
    • 1/4-inch-drive ratchet
    • 1/4-inch-drive socket set
    • Tube of dielectric grease
    • Inch-drive torque wrench
    Step 1

    Open the hood. Place small tabs of masking tape on each of the spark plug wires attached to the ignition coil. Number the spark plug wires with a marker, to correspond with the numbers on top of the ignition coil.

    Step 2

    Squeeze the locking tabs on each spark plug wire and remove the spark plug wires from the top of the ignition coil. Depress the lock tab on the main electrical connector and pull the connector straight off of the ignition coil. Remove the four coil mounting screws, using a 1/4-inch-drive ratchet and socket. Remove the ignition coil from the Windstar.

    Step 3

    Install the new ignition coil on the engine bracket. Install and tighten the mounting screws to between 44 and 61 inch-pounds, using an inch-pound torque wrench and a socket. Apply a small amount of dielectric grease on the main electrical connector, and install the connector onto the new coil.

    Step 4

    Install the spark plug wires into their numbered positions on the coil. Push the wires downward by the locking tabs until the tabs click onto the new coil.


    • Do not pull the spark plug wires directly, or you could damage the wire ends.