How to Change a Dome Light in a 2006 Honda CRV

by Blaze Johnson Google

    The 2006 Honda CR-V featured three overhead interior lighting systems: two independently operated front passenger spotlights, one second row passenger ceiling light, and one ceiling-mounted cargo light.The owner’s manual does not include the instructions needed to replace the bulbs for the overhead lights; however, the bulb replacement procedures for all three lights are relatively similar and simple, requiring only a few minutes to complete.

    Items you will need

    • Tissue or thin rag
    • Small Thin-blade flat-head screwdriver
    • No. 904 bulb (map lights)
    • No. DE3175 bulb (ceiling lights)
    • Rubber gloves


    Step 1

    Examine the overhead light with the failed bulb and locate the two small slots on the forward edge of the clear lens.

    Step 2

    Cover the screwdriver tip with a tissue or thin rag. Insert the covered screwdriver tip into the slots and carefully pry the lens cover from the housing. Although it is not absolutely necessary to use a tissue or rag when prying the lens off, doing so will help reduce the possibility of scratching or damaging the lens cover and housing.

    Step 3

    Put on gloves. Grasp the defective bulb with your fingers and pull it from the socket or bulb holder. Never attempt to pry the bulbs out with a screwdriver or a pair of pliers, as doing so may cause the bulb to shatter, causing personal injury.


    Step 1

    Insert the replacement bulb into the holder or socket.

    Step 2

    Check the bulb for proper seating within the socket or holder.

    Step 3

    Align the lens cover to the housing, with the slotted end positioned toward the front of the vehicle. Press-fit the lens cover in place to finish the replacement process.