How to Change a Low Beam on a 2004 Honda Accord

by Chris Gilliland Google

    For most cars, the act of changing a failed headlight bulb is as simple as raising the hood to access the back of of the headlights. While this is true in regards to your 2004 Honda Accord's right headlight, the Accord's compact nature makes the most out what little space is available in the engine compartment and locates its battery directly behind the left headlight. Removing the battery isn't the solution, as doing so will require you to have a memory saver or the security codes for the factory-equipped stereo. Instead, the bulbs can be accessed and replaced through the inner fender wells.

    Items you will need

    • 10 mm socket
    • Ratchet
    • Flat-head screwdriver
    • 9006 Halogen bulb
    • Torque wrench
    Step 1

    Start the engine and turn the front wheel completely in the direction of the faulty bulb. Turn the wheel to the left if you are replacing the driver-side bulb, or to the right to replace the passenger-side bulb. Stop the engine and turn the ignition to the Off position.

    Step 2

    Remove the bolts securing the front bumper and splash shield to the inner fender, using a 10 mm socket and a ratchet.

    Step 3

    Pry out the center of the plastic clips securing the top of the inner fender to the Accord's chassis, using a flat-head screwdriver. Pull the clips out of the inner fender.

    Step 4

    Grasp the front of the inner fender, near the front bumper. Pull the inner fender away from the bumper and splash shield until you have enough room to access the rear of the headlight. The low beam bulb is the closest bulb to the side of the Accord.

    Step 5

    Squeeze the headlight bulb connector release tab and pull the connector off the bulb. Grasp the base of the bulb and rotate it counterclockwise a quarter-turn to unlock it from the headlight assembly. Pull the bulb out and discard it.

    Step 6

    Hold the new 9006 halogen bulb by its plastic base. Do not touch the glass portion of the bulb. Align the tabs along the exterior of the new bulb's base with the slots cut into the bulb receptacle, then insert the bulb completely. Twist the bulb clockwise until it will not move further. Plug the connector into the base of the bulb.

    Step 7

    Turn the headlights on to verify that the new bulb is working correctly, then turn off the headlights. Check the connection between the bulb and connector if the new bulb does not illuminate.

    Step 8

    Move the inner fender into place against the splash shield and the front bumper. Screw the bolts into place, then tighten them to 7.2 foot-pounds, using a torque wrench.

    Step 9

    Push the plastic clips into the top of the inner fender, then push the clips' center pins inward to lock the clips into place.


    • You do not need to remove the entire inner fender to replace the headlight bulbs; the fender only needs to be moved away far enough to provide enough room to work.


    • Never touch the glass portion of a halogen bulb. Halogen bulbs generate a lot of heat and can be permanently damaged by the oils found on human skin. Wear thin work gloves, if you are not confident that you can install the bulb without touching the glass.


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