How to Change the Slave Cylinder on a 97 Wrangler

by Ely Hauser

    The redesigned 1997 Jeep Wrangler ushered in a new chapter of Jeep history. Redesigned, round headlights returned the Wrangler exterior to the look of the much-loved CJ. Mechanically, the Wrangler continued using both the 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine and the 4.0-liter, six-cylinder engine, but the manual transmission updated from the 1993 YJ's internal release bearing to an external slave cylinder. This eliminated need to drop the transmission to service the slave cylinder of the Wrangler's hydraulic clutch system.

    Items you will need

    • 2 wheel chocks
    • Floor jack
    • 2 jack stands
    • Socket set
    • 3/8-inch-drive ratchet
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Torque wrench

    Hydraulic Assembly Removal

    Step 1

    Park the Wrangler on a level surface, place a wheel chock behind each rear wheel and engage the parking brake.

    Step 2

    Center the floor jack pad under the front axle differential housing. Lift the Jeep. Slide one jack stand under each axle tube. Keep the stands far apart to maximize vehicle stability. Lower the floor jack.

    Step 3

    Crawl under the vehicle's left side. Remove the two 13 mm bolts holding the slave cylinder to the transmission clutch housing -- with a socket attached to a 3/8-inch-drive ratchet. Pull the slave cylinder away from the housing.

    Step 4

    Remove the bolt from the body clip holding the hydraulic line to the firewall of a left-hand drive or the bolts from the three body clips on a right-hand-drive Jeep. Lower the Jeep.

    Step 5

    Tighten the master cylinder reservoir cap. Remove master cylinder mounting nuts from the firewall studs.

    Step 6

    Move to the inside of the Jeep. Follow the clutch pedal arm up to its pivot point. Match a socket to the bolt at the top of the pedal arm. The bolt holds the master cylinder's actuator to the pivot pin. Remove the bolt -- with an adjustable wrench and socket. Unclip the clutch pedal location switch, attached to the pigtail wire of the master cylinder.

    Step 7

    Move to the engine compartment. Pull the master cylinder away from the firewall.

    Hydraulic Assembly Installation

    Step 1

    Lower the slave cylinder past the engine components until it's near the clutch housing. Slide the actuator through the firewall. Thread the master cylinder nuts loosely onto the firewall studs.

    Step 2

    Attach the clutch actuator to the pedal arm pivot pin. Torque the master cylinder mounting bolts to 28 foot-pounds, with a torque wrench.

    Step 3

    Raise and support the Jeep.

    Step 4

    Pump the slave cylinder-actuating road 10 times. Slide the slave cylinder into the clutch housing. Torque the slave cylinder mounting nuts to 17 foot-pounds. Install the body clips to secure the hydraulic line to the firewall. Lower the Jeep.

    Step 5

    Connect the clutch pedal location switch to the master cylinder pigtail.


    • The complete hydraulic assembly, comes filled with fluid and does not require bleeding to remove air from the system after installation.


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