How to Install a Front Sway Bar Link in My 2003 Honda Accord

by Robert Moore

    Honda first released the Accord in the 1976 model year and has been producing it ever since. The Accord has always been known for its reliability and handling. To prevent excessive body roll, the 2003 Accord has a sway bar – also known as a stabilizer bar – that links the front suspension together. The sway bar setup consists of a steel bar, bushings, brackets and links that connect the ends of the bar to the lower control arms. You don't need any special tools to replace the front sway-bar links.

    Items you will need

    • Floor jack
    • Jack stands
    • Open-end wrench set
    • Allen key set
    • Torque wrench
    • Crowfoot attachment
    Step 1

    Engage the parking brake. Position the jack below the lift point in the center of the front subframe rail that runs from side to side below the radiator, and lift the front end. Place a jack stand below each subframe rail. Lower the vehicle onto the jack stands and remove the jack.

    Step 2

    Place an Allen key into the center of the lower stud. Loosen the mounting nut with an open-end wrench, while holding the stud steady with the Allen key. Remove the Allen key, then remove the nut. Repeat this step for the upper stud. Remove the link from the lower control arm and the sway bar.

    Step 3

    Center both studs on a new link assembly and install the link to the sway bar and lower control arm – the upper stud points at the tire and the lower stud points at the engine. Install the mounting nuts and tighten them snug.

    Step 4

    Position the floor jack under the lower control arm, but not against the ball joint stud. Lift the floor jack until the suspension is fully compressed and the tire comes off the ground. Tighten the upper nut to 28 foot-pounds, using a torque wrench and crowfoot attachment. Tighten the lower nut to 22 foot-pounds. Repeat the process for the other link.

    Step 5

    Lower the Accord to the ground. Drive it for a minimum of five minutes.

    Step 6

    Lift the front end and secure it on jack stands again, then re-torque the nuts. Lower the vehicle to the ground.


    • You don't necessarily have to remove the car's wheels to access the sway-bar end-links, but you may find that doing so will buy you some extra room to work.