How to Keep Auto Door Gaskets From Sticking When It's Cold Outside

by Robert Moore

    Summer heat causes the seals on your car door to stick to the doorjamb. This sticking can eventually cause rips that damage the seals and results in water and air leaks, resulting in interior damage or just an uncomfortable drive. To prevent this nuisance you need to use a silicate grease, but make sure it isn’t petroleum based, as these types of lubricants can damage rubber.

    Items you will need

    • Non-petroleum-based grease
    • Shop rag
    Step 1

    Open your car doors and examine the rubber seals. If they are ripped or have been leaking, replace them prior to proceeding. If the seals won't seal against the car's body very well, remove them and apply weatherstrip adhesive. Install the seals to the car shell and allow them to set for 24 hours before continuing.

    Step 2

    Place a small amount of non-petroleum-based silicate grease onto a shop rag. Rub the silicate grease into the the rubber seal. Wipe off any excess grease so that there is only a thin shiny layer of grease left on the seal.

    Step 3

    Examine the around the edges of the door frame. Apply a small amount of grease the the metal-on-metal contact areas of the door and shell. This will help prevent the door from sticking to the car in freezing weather, too.

    Step 4

    Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all other doors and door seals. Add a little more grease to your shop rag and apply a light coat to the window seals and tracks. This will prevent the windows from sticking to the door. Make sure there is no residual grease and shut the doors. Repeat this process every winter to keep your seals in like-new condition for the entire life of the vehicle.


    • You can use non-petroleum-based silicate grease to lubricate most of the rubber on your vehicle. When used for bushings it will help prevent weather cracking from the dry air in winter. If you apply grease regularly to rubber components they will last longer and won't weather as quickly.


    • Never apply any grease to your glass or tires. Grease is hard to get off of glass and grease on your tires can cause an accident.