How to Replace a 2003 Honda Accord Front Turn Signal Bulb

by Justin Cupler Google

    The Honda Accord debuted in 1976 as a three-door hatchback to answer the growing need for roomy, economical and emission-regulation-friendly automobiles in the U.S. In 1979, a four-door variant arrived to give buyers additional options. In 2003, the seventh-generation Accord debuted with softer lines than the previous generation, giving it a more “adult” look than the outgoing model. Changing a front turn signal bulb on this new Accord requires a little creativity, as Honda positioned it in a way that does not allow access to it from under the hood.

    Items you will need

    • Flat-head screwdriver
    • Clean, lint-free cloth
    • No. 1157 bulb
    Step 1

    Start the Accord’s engine and turn the steering wheel as far as it will go away from the side of the car you are working on, then shut the engine off. Pry the center pins from the two plastic retaining clips near the top of the wheel well liner, using a flat-head screwdriver. Pry the two plastic retaining clips out of the wheel well liner.

    Step 2

    Pull downward on the top, front section of the wheel well liner to expose the backside of the front turn signal assembly. Rotate the turn signal socket counterclockwise to unlock it, then pull the socket and bulb from the headlight assembly and through the opening in the wheel well liner.

    Step 3

    Press the bulb into the socket and twist it counterclockwise to unlock it, then pull the bulb from the socket. Pay close attention to the positions of the two tabs on the base of the bulb, as you must install the new bulb in the same position.

    Step 4

    Hold a new No. 1157 bulb with a clean, lint-free cloth – touching the bulb with your bare hands can cause early bulb failure – and align the tabs on its base with the slots in the bulb socket. Slide the bulb into the socket, then press it into the socket and turn it clockwise to lock the bulb in place.

    Step 5

    Install the bulb and socket into the headlight assembly and twist is clockwise to lock it in place. Pull the wheel well liner back into place and insert the two plastic retaining clips. Press the center pins into the two retaining clips to lock the liner in place.


    • Touching the bulb with your bare hands leaves behind oils that can cause early bulb failure.