How to Replace a 98 Chrysler Sebring Headlight Bulb

by Tim Petruccio

    The 1998 Chrysler Sebring headlights are set rearward from the front bumper fascia, like most of the Chrysler products from this generation, and this can cause a short range visibility issue if you don't have the lower mounted driving lights on the front bumper fascia.

    Items you will need

    • New low-beam light bulbs -- No. 9006SU
    • New high-beam light bulbs -- No. 9005SU
    • Dielectric grease
    • Napkins or paper towels
    Step 1

    Rotate the sealer cover on the rear of the headlamp assembly, counterclockwise in relation to its position on the car. Remove the sealer cover from the headlamp assembly.

    Step 2

    Push the spring clip inward on the headlamp assembly, then pull it outward to release the clip holding the bulb. Remove the old headlamp bulb from the assembly, then disconnect the electrical connector from the bulb.

    Step 3

    Wrap the new light bulb in a paper towel or napkin. Do not touch the lens on the new light bulb with your bare fingers. Place a small amount of dielectric grease in the electrical connector end. Attach the electrical connector to the new bulb, then insert the bulb into the headlamp assembly.

    Step 4

    Install the locking spring back into the clip on the assembly to lock the new bulb in place. Lubricate the O-ring on the sealer cover lightly with the dielectric grease. Insert the sealer cover on the headlamp assembly and rotate it clockwise until it stops.

    Step 5

    Check the tightness of all of the sealer covers, to make sure you have a proper seal on the headlamp assemblies.


    • Always replace your light bulbs in pairs -- if one goes out, the other isn't far behind.