How to Replace a Blower Resistor on a 2004 Chevy Tahoe

by Chris Gilliland Google

    Your Chevy Tahoe's air-conditioning system relies on a resistor to control the blower fan's speed. When the resistor fails, it allows the fan to operate only at its highest setting. The resistor is in the blower motor housing under the console, and you can access it from the passenger side of the vehicle. Removing and replacing the resistor is simple enough for most Tahoe owners to accomplish on their own with the use of a basic mechanic's tool set.

    Items you will need

    • Ratchet
    • Socket set
    • Inch-pound torque wrench
    Step 1

    Open the front passenger door and move the passenger seat as far back as possible.

    Step 2

    Unscrew the bolts securing the insulator panel to the bottom of the console, directly below the glove box, using a ratchet and a socket. Grasp the sides of the insulator panel and pull it down to remove it.

    Step 3

    Follow the wiring from the bottom of the cylindrically shaped portion of the blower motor housing to the wiring connector. Squeeze the connector's locking tab, then unplug the blower motor.

    Step 4

    Unplug the blower motor resistor connector at the rear of the blower motor housing. Follow the wiring to the blower motor resistor on the bottom of the housing. Unscrew the two screws securing the resistor to the blower motor housing, using a ratchet and socket. Pull the resistor down and out of the housing.

    Step 5

    Insert the new resistor into the blower motor housing and tighten the screws to 14 inch-pounds, using an inch-pound torque wrench. Plug the resistor connector into the blower motor housing terminal. Plug the blower motor connector into its corresponding terminal.

    Step 6

    Turn on the ignition switch and air conditioner. Cycle through the fan settings to ensure that the blower motor is working. If the fan operates only at its highest setting, remove the resistor and replace it with another.

    Step 7

    Lift the insulator panel into place below the console. Screw the panel bolts into place and tighten them to 14 inch-pounds.


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