How to Replace the Headlight on a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu

by Justin Cupler Google

    Though the modern-day Malibu is a timid family sedan, it once had a wild side as the top trim level for one of Chevy’s most famed muscle cars: the Chevelle. 1997 marked the resurrection of the “Malibu” name as the aforementioned sedan variant. Replacing the headlights on the 2000 Malibu may look tricky on the surface, as there is no rear access to the headlight assemblies from under the hood. However, only a few tabs secure the headlight assemblies in place and they pull away from the vehicle to provide you plenty of room to access these bulbs.

    Items you will need

    • No. 9005 bulb (high-beam)
    • No. 9006 bulb (low-beam)
    Step 1

    Open the hood and find the two black, L-shaped tabs on the backside of the headlight assembly. Pull upward on these tabs to unlock the headlight assembly. Pull the headlight outward to unseat it from its bed, then pull it far enough out to access the wiring on its back.

    Step 2

    Pull upward on the locking tab on the headlight bulb wiring harness and unplug the harness from the headlight bulb. Twist the headlight bulb counterclockwise to unlock it and pull it from the headlight assembly.

    Step 3

    Hold a new headlight bulb – No. 9005 for the high beam or No. 9006 for the low beam – by its plastic base and guide it into the headlight assembly. Don't touch the glass portion of the bulb with your bare fingers. Turn the bulb clockwise to lock it in place. Plug the wiring harness into the new headlight bulb.

    Step 4

    Guide the headlight assembly back into place in its bed and hold rearward pressure as you press the L-shaped tabs downward to lock it in place. Close the hood.


    • Avoid touching the glass part of the bulb with your hands, as the oils from your hands may cause the bulb to fail earlier than expected.