How to Reset a Check Engine Light on a 1996 Toyota Camry

by Arthur Heberger Google

    The check-engine light in your 1996 Toyota Camry is supposed to illuminate to warn you of a potential problem with your car. It usually means an engine or transmission component is sending a trouble code to the electronic control unit. The best way to find out why the check-engine light came on is to have the ECU scanned for codes. Most parts stores will do this for you at no charge. If you have no codes and the light remains illuminated, it's not hard to reset.

    Step 1

    Turn the ignition to the off position. Locate the fuse panel under the driver side of the dashboard and remove the cover.

    Step 2

    Locate the ECU fuse using the diagram on the fuse panel cover. Remove the ECU fuse.

    Step 3

    Turn the ignition key to the on position only--not start. Watch the check-engine light. When it flashes several times and goes out, which usually takes between 30 seconds and two minutes, turn the ignition key to the off position.

    Step 4

    Insert the ECU fuse in the proper slot in the fuse panel and put the fuse panel cover back in place.


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