How to Reset the Seat Belt Tensioner in a 2009 Honda Odyssey

by Kyle McBride

    Honda equipped the 2009 Odyessy with a two-part locking seat belt system. A lockable retractor holds the lap belt in place and an automatic tensioner on the shoulder belt allows the passenger to move freely unless a collision sensor detects a collision. If you pull the shoulder belt all the way out, the tensioner functions as a lockable retractor. The shoulder belt retracts, but then locks into position so the passenger cannot move freely. Reset the tensioner to return normal function to the shoulder belt.

    Step 1

    Stop the vehicle in a place that does not impede traffic or create a safety concern.

    Step 2

    Press the red button on the buckle to unlatch the seat belt. Guide it across your body as it retracts to ensure that the belt is not twisted and it fully retracts.

    Step 3

    Grasp the latch plate and pull the seat belt out only as far as needed, and then insert it into the buckle.


    • Refrain from pulling the shoulder belt strap out fully as this will reactivate the shoulder belt's lockable retractor. Use the locking function of the shoulder belt when securing child-safety seats.


    • For your safety, the tensioners activate in a collision severe enough to deploy the airbags, or if a sensor detects a rollover. Once activated as the result of a crash, the tensioners must be replaced.