Specifications of the Pioneer Audio System in a 2006 Scion tC

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    The 2006 Scion tC's Pioneer stereo is impressive for the price point.

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    Marketed to a younger demographic, Toyota's 2006 Scion tC incorporated a 160-watt Pioneer stock stereo system that offers many attributes. The features and connectivity on the stock system were similar to many aftermarket stereos from that year. The hideaway Pioneer system was iPod-ready, offering a multi-color display to fit your tastes. The soundfield adjustment options and SiriusXM satellite radio compatibility mean this entry-level vehicle offered more audio options than many midrange vehicles from its era.

    Head Unit Features

    When you decide to keep the shroud open over the front of the Pioneer stereo, you can choose to modify the display color. This decision may be influenced by the other dash colors or simply personal preference. Color options for the head unit include "IceBlue," "Lithium," "Cobalt," "EmeraldRay" and others. The default color is called "Mixer." The head unit is MP3 and Windows Media Audio ready. Soundfield options include Scion Sound Processing or SSP, offering stock equalization curves for greater sonic impact. SRT is another choice for sound processing, attempting to mitigate the negative sonic affects associated with compressed audio formats like MP3. Counter-intuitively, this mode does not work with external audio devices such as iPods. Auto sound-leveling or ASL monitors vehicle speed, adjusting volume up and down as determined by the stereo system.

    iPod Connectivity

    The Scion tC offers an iPod connector in the center console enclosure. Eschewing the generic 3.5-millimeter jack found in many vehicles, the Scion tC uses a direct digital dock connection and proprietary cable. The vehicle offers a standard 3.5mm connector for the iPod if you choose, or with another external device. Once the iPod is connected, you can use the Pioneer's controls to operate the unit. This lets you keep the iPod stashed in the center console, away from heat and prying eyes. Although the iPod's EQ functions are defeated when connected to the stereo, you still have tone control adjustment and SSP modes to choose from.


    The 2006 Scion TC's Pioneer stereo is SirusXM-ready. The antenna and head unit are ready for you to contact the service and begin a subscription. SiriusXM -- referred to as "XM" in the manual since the vehicle was built prior to the Sirius and XM merger -- offers greater variety in content. SiriusXM delivers sports, talk and music channels the likes of which are not found on terrestrial FM or AM broadcasts. Artist and track details scroll across the display in this mode.

    Power and Specs

    The Pioneer stereo offers 40 watts per channel, delivered over four speakers. When you adjust the bass control, the center frequency is 55 Hertz, offering up to an 11-decibel increase. Treble adjustments' center frequency is 14,080 Hertz, with a maximum 8-decibel gain. The individual speakers in the system are a robust 6.5 inches for the front doors, complemented by 5.25-inch units in the back. These speaker wells have a reasonable mounting depth, important should you decide to upgrade to aftermarket drivers.

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